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  • High Speed Data Transfer
  • cPanel Managed
  • Free Emails
  • Free SSL


cPanel is most popular Linux server web hosting panel. Its User interface and icons make website hosting very easy. It performs exactly like a stand alone server for its users and applications.

Nginx is a web server which can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTP cache. It is know for high performance, stability and rich features set unlike traditional servers.

CloudLinux OS improves stability and security of Linux server. It keeps one website isolated and safe from other websites hosted on the same server. It’s a linux distribution system for shared hosting services.

SitePad is a website builder application which offers DIY tool to create your website without having coding skill. It has more than 370 web templates and easy drag & drop feature.

PHP is most popular programming language for web application development. Our servers support latest and all previous versions.

MySQL is the most popular database management system for ecommerce, online transactioning services & embedded database applications. Our servers support latest and all previous versions MySQL Database.

Apache is the widely used web server software which is freely available on the internet. Apache is specially developed to run on Linux, Unix, windows and MAC. This open source software is reliable, fast and secure.

Lets encrypt is an open certificate authority which provides free TLS (transport layer security) certificate. It is a CA (certificate authority) in which the SSL certificates provided and it is secures the website  from eavesdropping and tampering.

Firewall on our servers is positioned on the network node itself. It protects from harmful access and other requests.

Our hostings package three webmail applications that are available: Horde, Roundcube and squirrelmail. User can easily manage emails through these applications & create new mailboxes.

 CloudFare is a CDN that ensures the least amount of distance between a visitor and a website, which reduces latency, bandwidth and page load times. By moving the content and computational work closer, Cloudflare-powered websites can work faster.

Most efficient Antivirus installed with latest and updated virus definitions. It keeps our Web hosting server safe from Virus, DDoS Attacks.

Linux Web Hosting Plans

S1 Linux

  • Unlimited Space
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Free Domain SSL
  • Free SitePad Website Builder
  • Free Softaculous Auto Installer
  • Free Account Backups

S2 Linux

  • Unlimited Space
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Free Domain SSL
  • Free SitePad Website Builder
  • Free Softaculous Auto Installer
  • Free Account Backups
  • Free Site migration

S3 Linux

  • Unlimited Space
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Free Domain SSL
  • Free SitePad Website Builder
  • Free Softaculous Auto Installer
  • Free Account Backups
  • Site migration
  • WordPress Application

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Frequently asked questions

Ordering a hosting plan is dependent on the kind of website you wish to create. 

For a simple, yet elegant and powerful website, we recommend our Website Builder plans. You may view these on the Website Builder page. If you prefer to build your website yourself, check our Starter hosting plan

To change your plan, take the following steps:

1. Log in to your Customer Area, and select the Hosting tab
2. Open the hosting plan you want to change.
3. Click on ‘Change plan’. 
4. Select your new hosting plan from the drop down-menu.
5. Next an overview of the costs will appear. Agree with the terms and conditions and confirm your order.
6. Click on ‘Select payment method’ to select a payment method.
7. You see an overview of the payment methods. Select the method you want to use.
8. Complete the payment. Your new plan will be available within an hour.

To install WordPress log in to the ‘Customer Area‘ and click on ‘Hosting’.

1. Click on ‘Manage’ of the hosting plan you want to install WordPress on.
2. Select ‘Installations’ at the left of your screen.
3. Click on ‘New installation’.
4. Click on ‘Install version’ at the right of your screen.
5. Select the domain you want to install WordPress on.
6. Select the database you would like to use.
7. If the installation completed, you will see the database credentials. You can use these to complete the installation on your domain.

SSL is a protocol used to secure connections from surfers to the website. Using SSL will make everything you visit on that website safe from eavesdropping and tampering. Most websites from banks and governments use SSL to ensure the data sent is secured. SSL can also be used on email.

You want to make sure that data that you fill in on a website is sent to the correct persons instead of someone who wants to do harm with your data. Using SSL you can make sure this is the case. Securing the connection between client and server is the best option to give users a good feeling about your website which can result in higher sales. Also knowing the fact that your data is secure sends out a professional statement.

To order a SSL certificate, take the following steps:

1. Make sure you are logged in to your Customer Area before proceeding.
2. Open the shop page for SSL, and select “Order” “for the package you wish to order. If you are already in the middle of an order, please find the product onder the SSL tab.
3. You will be asked for the domain name in question. Always supply the domain name without www. In front of it. This will be added automatically.
4. After confirming your order is correct and complete, complete the payment to have the product and SSL certificate delivered.

The certificate will be installed manually. Should we require additional information (such as with Globalsign certificates), our tech staff will contact you in a ticket, requesting this information.

To start editing your website, take the following steps:

1. Log in to the Customer Area.
2. Go to ‘Website’.
3. Click on ‘Edit your website’ behind the domain you want to edit the website for.
4. Begin editing your website.

You can find your invoices once you are logged in to the Customer Area. Click on ́’Billing’ in the menu of your Customer Area. An overview of your orders will appear. Here you can view your invoices in HTML or download them as PDF.

The status of your invoice is shown at ‘Billing’ in the Customer Area. Unpaid invoices will have the status ‘Open’. To pay the invoice, use ‘Start payment’ and select the preferred payment method. After paying the invoice the status will change to ‘Closed’.

We currently support the following payment options:
credit card, iDeal or Paypal.

To restart your payment, take the following steps:

1. Go to ‘Billing’.
2. Click on ‘Start payment’ of the order you want to pay.
3. Follow the steps to finish the payment.

Log in to the Customer Area and click on ‘Profile’. Click on edit to change the details of your profile.

Some domains place restrictions on what details you can edit. If you receive an error while updating your details, send us a ticket.

To submit a ticket, take the following steps:

1. Log in to Customer Area and click on ‘Support’.
2. To start a new ticket click on ‘Create a new ticket’ to the left of your screen.
3. Select what the ticket is regarding to, add your emailadress and supply a subject.
4. Write down your issue in the ‘Body’-block and ‘Save’ when you are done

You can change your ‘Customer Area’-password in the Customer Area or from the login page.

Change your password in Customer Area.
1. Log in to the Customer Area.
2. In the right upper corner you will see your user name. Click on this and choose ‘Change password’.
3. Change the password and click ‘Save’. Your password is changed.

Change the password from the login page.
1. Go to the login form.
2. Click on ‘Forgot password’.
3. Enter your email address and user name. You will receive a mail with a link to change your password.
4. Click on the link set a new password.
5. Click on ‘Save’. The password is changed.

When you have a reply on an open ticket, you will receive a notification by email. Log in to Customer Area and click on ‘Support’ to view the reply. Click on the ‘Ticket ID’ to open the specific ticket.

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